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Michael Biamonte-C.C.N.
Certified Clinical Nutritionist

Chronic Yeast Infection

Did you know...

Hormonal imbalances can cause Candida?

Antioxidants supplements can stop antifungals from working?

Vitamin and mineral supplements can spread Candida?

 Introduction to Candida

 Candida Questionnaire

 Candida Albicans

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Our Program Makes Sense...

Did you ever wonder why your vitamin or mineral supplements didn't work? Each person has an individual biochemical make up and what might be good for one person could actually create a deficiency or imbalance in another!

Utilizing the very latest laboratory testing, our programs are able to pinpoint all of the factors that are responsible for poor health and energy.

Then these problems are addressed in a four stage program that allows the body to get the right nutrients in the very order that the body will best tolerate and utilize them. In practice for over fifteen years our methods have proven successful with thousands of people.

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